Reading/LA, Writing and Math

Reading, Language Arts and Math

Acellus: My Village utilizes Acellus, an online curriculum, in both our Small Group Tutoring Program at the Palm City building and for students who are going to use the program only at home.  With your child's Acellus subscription, you can choose up to 6 class offerings. My Village will provide a brief training session for parents to be able to use the program and track their child's progress. The options for the level of support are listed below.

How the Acellus Program works: First, students are given an assessment to determine their appropriate level in Math and Language Arts and then Mrs. Lisa will setup their assignments. When they begin a lesson, students watch a short (5-10 minutes) pre-recorded video of a teacher in a classroom presenting the lesson. Then, the student answers questions based on the lesson as well as review questions. Our teachers receive statistics on how the student performed with the questions in real time and provides support as needed. If the student is continuously getting a particular type of question incorrect, the system automatically teaches the lesson again. Each week students have a set of goals to reach in order to complete the grade level for the year. This helps them to stay on track.

Small Group Tutoring (in-person):  My Village students, who are enrolled in Small Group Tutoring, are removed from extra-curricular classes twice a day to work on either Math or Language Arts using the Acellus Program.  A certified teacher monitors and tutors students in areas of need, discusses goals for learning and challenges their thinking beyond the online platform. There is a maximum of 4 students per class period in Small Group Tutoring. In additional students use the Acellus program at home to be able to reach their goals.

Acellus Subscription with Monitoring (at home/online only): My Village will provide parent training in how to use the Acellus program to view their child's progress.  Upon request, the teacher can change courses and answer parent questions regarding their child's progress or any issues with using the program. $40/month. Additional virtual tutoring using is available, call for a quote.

How to Register for Acellus Subscription with Monitoring: Registration Form After receiving, we will email you a Recurring Payment Form to complete registration; monthly payments are charged automatically. For questions regarding how the Acellus Program works, please call Mrs. Lisa.

Traditional Writing Class (in-person only) 

In August, we will offer two writing classes based on student's abilities/level on both Tuesday and Thursday (both classes required). These classes will first be offered to students who are enrolled in Small Group Tutoring, then other My Village students and finally students who are not enrolled in My Village classes. Classes are taught by certified or previously certified classroom teachers.

Writing A: This class is for students who can write sentences and are ready to progress to writing paragraphs. How to write a good sentence will be reviewed.  The writing process will be introduced from pre-writing, planning, rough draft, revise/edit and the final draft.

Writing Class Fees

My Village students enrolled in Small Group Tutoring: fees for this class are included in SGT fee, however, it will take the place of one of the two SGT class times.

My Village students not enrolled in SGT: Additional fee of $60 per month ($7.50 per class) 

Students not enrolled in My Village classes: Fee of $80 per month ($10 per class plus annual registration fee of $50) - Email us to register.


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