2021-2022 CLASSES

Schedule and Description


Here are a list of classes, including a brief description, that we are currently planning on offering the first 9 weeks. Some classes will be taught all school year and others will change every 9 weeks as needed. Classes are subject to change, but unlikely to have any major changes.

Outdoor/Indoor Games: Both groups will have 2 Outdoor/Indoor Game times, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. As the weather permits, for outside we have organized games as well as free play with swings, side-walk chalk, hula-hoops, playhouse, and water table.  For inside, we have a variety of board games, memory games, Legos, blocks, etc. and change them up frequently.

5-8 Year-olds

TUESDAY (Neutral/Secular)

Story STEAM: Teacher reads a story and the students work individually or in small groups on a project. The concept and project will be based on one of the following: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art or Math.

Spanish (year-round): Beginning Spanish taught through songs and projects.

Story Studies: Teacher reads a high-interest children's book then holds a class discussion (with an activity) on comprehension components of the story such as character, setting, problem and solution.  Children will be able to share ideas as a whole group and with partners.

LEGO Engineering: Students are given a challenge, work in small groups and present their projects to the class.


WEDNESDAY (Christian World-view day, see below**)

U.S.A. Studies (year-round): This class will offer a variety of aspects of the United States, including History, Geography and Government. When applicable, the Christian view will be expressed. For example: the founding of our government and the history of the Bible being used to teach in schools as part of the curriculum. We are planning on studying the History of Education in America and end the 9 weeks with a field trip to the Little Red Schoolhouse in Palm Beach County.

Fruits of the Spirit and Bible Heroes (1st and 3rd 9-weeks): Fruits of the Spirit from the Bible each week for 9 weeks: Peace, Love, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, and Self-Control. 3rd Nine weeks: Bible Heroes

         Music (2nd and 4th 9-weeks to replace Fruits of the Spirit): Focus on  Christmas music including singing and playing instruments like the bells, boom-whackers and xylophones.

Multimedia Art (year-round) This Art class will have a main focus on techniques through various mediums such as watercolors, sculpting and drawing. Projects will also encompass Christian holidays and Christian artists throughout history.

Science Unit Studies (year-round): We will use various Christian resources to teach different branches of Science such as physical science, biology, anatomy/physiology, zoology, botany and others.  Apologia and Layers of Learning are two curriculums that we will use as a general resource. However, we will also continue to use our own project-based style of teaching.

THURSDAY (Neutral/Secular)

Land and Animal Unit Studies (Year-round): Students will study the geography, culture and animals of specific areas every 9 weeks. For example,  Australia and animals specific to the area such as Kangaroos and Hyenas. Europe, Africa and Asia.

Fairy Tale Theatre: Re-enact fairy tales/stories through both acting and puppets.

Art (Year-round): Focus on artist appreciation and projects inspired by the artist.

Music (Year-round):  We will start with Rhythm and Beat including traditional African songs. Classical music for the 2nd nine weeks including The Nutcracker. Introduction to various types of music and the opportunity to play a variety of instruments (no previous experience required).


9-11 Year-Olds

TUESDAY: Land and Animal Studies, Art (first 2 nine weeks, then replaced by Detective Academy), Drama, Music and 2 outside/play times. Same description as above, adjusted for the age group. Drama Description: Students will participate in short skits with the hopes of performing for the parents in December. Detective Academy Description: Solving mysteries through code breaking, identifying fingerprints, becoming observant training, deductive reasoning. 

WEDNESDAY: Science, Art, U.S.A. Studies, Fruits of the Spirit and 2 outside/play times: Same description as above, adjusted for age group.

THURSDAY: Story Studies, History, Story STEAM, LEGO Engineering and 2 outside/play times. History Description: Layers of Learning curriculum - Times period of 1800’s to present


**Christian World-view Day:  We have chosen Wednesdays to dedicate to Christian world-view of classes. Tuesdays and Thursdays will continue to take a neutral/secular approach with no religious aspect (as they've always been).

We also recognize that some families are not Christians, but would like their children exposed to Christianity. We want to make it clear that all children, regardless of their beliefs are welcome to attend Wednesdays. Principles and views that will be integrated into the curriculum (on Wednesdays only) are "God created the world," "God loves us all," "Jesus is the son of God," and "God hears our prayers."


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