About Us




PLAY: We believe that play is a vital component of child development. My Village gives homeschool children the opportunity to play a variety of group games including gaga ball, laser-tag, ping-pong, 4 square and many, many others. Free play is also important to foster their imagination and develop their personal interests.

SOCIALIZE:  We know that regular interaction with other children helps kids develop their social skills and builds lasting friendships with other children of various ages and backgrounds. We do our best to foster a loving environment where we accept each other's differences and learn how to communicate effectively with one another. 

LEARN:  We believe parents are the best teachers of their children since they are most invested in their child’s future. Our purpose is to provide learning opportunities that parents may not be able to provide at home due to space, materials, resources, or abilities. We also believe that providing children with learning experiences that foster their natural inquisitiveness creates life-long learners.  


My Village Learning Center was formed in 2018 by public school educators that decided to homeschool their own children. It was, and continues to be, our desire to provide a wholesome, save environment where homeschool children meet to learn, play and socialize. 


At My Village we value a hands-on approach to learning with lots of play, building and art projects. Students practice their writing skills daily, but without the pressure of grading. Throughout the year we also have special activities like Pajama Day, Show-N-Tell Week, Holiday Parties, Fields Trips and Drama and Music Performances.

Here are a few samples from our current classes and various activities: