(2022-2023 registration is not yet open)

Step 1: Schedule Tour and/or Confirm Acceptance into the Program

If you and your child(ren) have not met us in person, please schedule a Tour here: My Village Learning Center ( It is important to us that we meet the family before registration. If you have already met with us, confirm acceptance into the program and availability with Mrs. Tresa (contact information below).

Step 2: Read Student Handbook and Waiver below

Step 3: Fill out and turn in registration forms

Print, fill out and sign all applicable forms. At least one parent or guardian must sign and return the Handbook Signature page and the Waiver.

Scan and email registration forms to or mail/drop off to: My Village Learning Center, 4484 SW Citrus Blvd, Palm City, FL 34990.

Step 4: Recurring Payment Form

After registration documents are received, the Recurring Payment Form will be filled out for you, outlining the calculated monthly tuition and applicable fees. Fill in the credit card information, sign form, initial where required and return to My Village.


Registration Form (Use this form for the 1st child attending)

Registration Form-SIBLING (Use this form for the 2nd child attending, 20% sibling discount) 

Registration Form - 3+ SIBLINGS (Use this form for the 3rd child, 4th child, etc. attending: 30-50% Discount)

Discounts for 3 or more children attending: no additional 1/2 day discount, 1 day/week = 30%,  2 days/week = 40%, 3 days/week = 50%

Student Handbook


Acellus Registration Form (for students who are enrolling in Small Group Tutoring or Acellus with Monitoring/Support OR SMALL GROUP TUTORING)



At My Village, we include art and project supplies with tuition, however, for families that are able, we appreciate parents purchasing individual and at least one of the supplies listed for the whole classroom. We have several sets of supplies available for those that are unable to purchase them. For individual supplies, feel free to purchase what your child likes. 

Individual Supplies

1. Washable Markers (at least a 10 pack)

2. Crayons (at least a 24 pack)

3. Colored Pencils (at least a 12 pack)

4. Watercolor paint set (16 colors)

5. A bag to take home projects in. Backpacks are okay, but we suggest a canvas tote or something similar, so their projects don't get crushed and a separate lunch/snack bag.

6. Composition Notebook depending on age group/skilll level: AmazonSmile: Primary Composition Notebook: Black Marble, Grades K-2 Kindergarten Writing Journal (Draw & Write Exercise Books): 9798526390767: Young Dreamers Press: Books or AmazonSmile: Draw and Write Journal: Drawing space and wide ruled lines for kids third through sixth grade - green: 9798610846798: Press, Innate: Books

Class Supplies

1. White Cardstock

2. Air-dry clay

3. (2) Paper Towel Rolls

4. (2) Glue bottle(s) (clear or white)

DELIVERY: Since we will be having classes during the summer on Tuesday and Thursday, if you're able to drop them off on one of these days, that would be greatly appreciated otherwise waiting until August 12th for the Open House is okay as well. This will help us to know what we need to purchase before fall classes begin.



TUITION (Recurring payment on the first of each month)

½ Day/Week - $85/month

1-Day/Week - $120/month

1-Day/Week with Small Group Tutoring (Acellus Program) $170/month

2-Days/Week - $225/month

2-Days/Week with Small Group Tutoring (Acellus Program) $310/month

3-Days/Week - $330/month

3-Days/Week with Small Group Tutoring (Acellus Program) $430/month


DISCOUNTED SIBLING TUITION (See Registration form for additional discount for 2 or more siblings)

½ Day/Week- $70/month

1-Day/Week – $95/month

1-Day/Week with Small Group Tutoring (Acellus Program) $135/month

2-Days/Week - $180/month

2-Days/Week with Small Group Tutoring (Acellus Program) $265/month

3-Days/Week - $265/month

3-Days/Week with Small Group Tutoring (Acellus Program) $365/month


ACELLUS MEMBERSHIP (No sibling discounts)

Acellus Membership with monitoring $40/month

Acellus Membership with support including one ½ hour virtual teacher session per week $120/month


REGISTRATION FEES (non-refundable)

New families: 1st Student $100, Siblings $25 each

Returning families: 1st Student $50, Siblings $25 each-If paid by May 1st


TUTORING (Discounts for multiple sessions per week and sibling discount, email/call for details)

Tutoring: 1 hour per child per session $50

Tutoring: ½ hour per child, per session $40



Umbrella School Registration: $40 per child upon registration, $40 per family annually thereafter

End-of-year Evaluation Fee: $45 1st child, Siblings $25

NSF Funds fee for credit card processing failure and returned check fee $25

Invoicing fee $10/month (required for Gardiner Scholarship)

Subscription Change Fee $25-applicable when services are reduced causing the monthly payment to change.

Late to pick-up child $1 for every minute late past 3:40pm (see Form on Page 6 of Student Handbook for details)

Early Withdrawal Fee - $100 if 30-days written notice is not given (email to



Lisa Green, Director of Education
Tresa Shirrell, Director of Administration