A.M. Half Day - Art/PE/LegosK'Nex - 9am-12:30pm

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Please send a snack, water and lunch with your child! 

Morning classes finish AFTER lunch! 

ART - Is there an artist in your family?  This class will help to develop their artistic talents through studies of the masters, learning techniques, using different mediums, and discussion of art through the history of mankind.  Topics include: Gothic Art, Illumination, Printmaking, Asian Arts, using textiles and many, many others.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION (PE) - Students will use a variety of equipment to promote physical wellness and psychomotor skills.  There will be an emphasis on group collaboration.  Students will learn to function as a team through group games and challenges.

LEGO AND K'NEX ENGINEERING - Students will be challenged each week to create different projects within various themes using Legos and/or K'Nex.  Students will combine their architectural designs to build a plethora of items needed to sustain the theme of the day.