A.M. Half Day - LifeSkills/FT/Science - 9am-12:30pm

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Please send a snack, water and lunch with your child! 

Morning classes finish AFTER lunch! 

LIFE SKILLS - The important skills learned in this class help students to function in life!  They will learn basic auto mechanics, bicycle maintenance, home maintenance, how to properly do laundry, setting and clearing a table, first aid, CPR, organizing, how to set a budget, grocery shopping and menu planning and so many more things!  

FITNESS - Students will get moving in this class designed to teach them about muscle strength and endurance.  Topics include yoga, circuit training, interval training, Zumba, line dancing, Tabata and others!

SCIENCEThis hands-on science class covers topics such as climate, forecasting, weather, cells, anatomy, chemistry, gases, electricity and circuitry,  magnets and more.  Various resources will be used to engage students of all ages.  Examples include anatomy kits, microscopes, paper circuits and surprising experiments!