End of the Year Celebration!

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Attention ALL HOMESCHOOLERS: Let's party!
This party is for EVERYONE!

It doesn't matter what co-op, group or umbrella school you attend. Even if you've never been to My Village Learning Center for Homeschoolers before, My Village is for EVERY Homeschooler in St. Lucie and Martin County, so please join us in celebrating the end of every child's great school year!

We are hosting this FREE HOMESCHOOL PARTY to celebrate the end of the school year and we would love for the whole community to come together to meet and greet!

TIME: .......1:30-3:30
PHONE:.....(772) 905-8148
COST: .....$0

This party starts after the lunch hour. Please bring a store-bought, sealed, snack-style dish to pass. (Example: Chips, Cheese, Crackers, Pretzels, Cupcakes, muffins, cookies, etc.) and bring your own water bottle. (No colorful drinks please, we have carpet.)

My Village will provide games and activities for the kids.

We will also be doing an AWARDS CEREMONY. When you arrive, parents will fill out a blank "Certificate of Recognition" for their child. You may write anything you want on that certificate and we will help you with ideas, such as, "Excellence in Math, Super Scientist Award, Math Facts Master, Computer Whiz, etc."