Layers of Learning - History & Geography (Ages 8-11)

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Required workbook listed at the bottom.

Layers of Learning - This humanities curriculum is a discovery-based history and geography class.  The goal is to have children explore and experience history without the pressure of memorizing facts.  Each topic lasts two weeks.  A bi-weekly informational sheet is sent home that discusses the topics, projects, vocabulary and library suggestions to use for the following two weeks.  For example, the first week is an exploration of Ancient Mesopotamia.  Students are introduced to the time period through artifacts, games, movie clips or a read-aloud.  They are encouraged to create questions to guide their learning.  Class time is used to explore books and videos to answer those questions and to have hands-on activities that support their learning such as creating their own cuneiform in salt dough and a ziggurat made of clay.  Time is spent learning map skills and about the fertile crescent as one of the first civilizations.  Hands-on geography activities support the concepts and skills.  Children also create a time-line book where they notate the year and important information from that time period.  

The required sketch pad for this class is "Strathmore Series 400 Sketch Pads".  

The book can be purchased from Amazon: