P.M. Half Day - Sculpture/TB/ScienceExp - 12:30-3:20pm

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Please send a snack and water with your child! 

Afternoon classes begin AFTER lunch! 

SCULPTURE - Students will learn about, explore and use the elements of art - line, shape, form, tone, texture, pattern, color and composition - to create three-dimensional artwork in this class!

TEAM BUILDING - During team building, students will work on many important skills like teamwork, communication, strategy, brainstorming, attitude and self-sacrifice, just to name a few.  They will play games and be given challenges like The Perfect Square, The Barter Puzzle, Blind Drawing, This is Better Than That, The Hula Hoop Relay, Hello My Name Is and various others that are sure to bring laughter!

SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS - Each week students are challenged to work through the scientific method to explore concepts that explain the world around them.  They will find out if color effects taste and what materials can capture bubbles.  Students will explore solar power and why a sailboat stays afloat, among many other activities!