Saxon Math Level 2 (Ages 7-8)

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Required workbook listed at the bottom.
Class Description: Saxon mathematics is based on the principle of developing math skills incrementally and reviewing past skills daily. It also incorporates regular and cumulative assessments. 2nd grade Saxon covers a larger range of critical concepts, such as working with larger numbers, geometric shapes, Venn diagrams, graphs, basic arithmetic calculations, and simple fractions.
Learning Goals: 2.1.C Identify the ones, tens, and hundreds place in a number and the digits occupying them. 2.1.F Compare and order numbers from 0 to 1,000. 2.2.A Quickly recall basic addition facts and related subtraction facts for sums through 20. 2.2.B Solve addition and subtraction word problems that involve joining, separating, and comparing and verify the solution. 2.2.F Create and state a rule for patterns that can be generated by addition and extend the pattern. 2.2.I Determine the value of a collection of coins totaling less than $1.00. 2.4.B Collect, organize, represent, and interpret data in bar graphs and picture graphs. 
The required workbook for this class is Saxon Math 2 Volume 1.  There are several options to purchase including new ($17.90) and used ($9.95). 
The book can be purchased from Amazon: