Science Experiments (Ages 8-11)

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Science Experiments

November 8, 9:30  Ages: 8-11


Today we will be learning about surface tension: The attraction of molecules at the surface of a liquid.  

Students will observe several phenomena related to the polarity of water molecules. They will observe a demonstration of a paper clip being placed on the surface of water. Students will place drops of water in an already-filled test tube and on the surface of a penny. They will compare the way water behaves with the less polar liquid isopropyl alcohol and will see how detergent affects water’s surface tension. Students will relate these observations to an explanation of surface tension at the molecular level.Students will be able to explain, on the molecular level, the effects of polarity on water’s surface tension.  Using the scientific method, students will make an observation, form a question, form a hypothesis, conduct the experiments, and analyse the data and draw conclusions.