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This BRAND NEW beginner Spanish class (starting in January) is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from either 1-2:15pm OR 4-5:15pm.  Enrollment is only offered from now until January 18th.  The class is taught by an experienced Spanish teacher who uses the Viva el Española curriculum along with music, video clips, puppets and games to make learning a new language fun and engaging.  Since the class meets twice a week, homework is assigned to support their learning at home. 

This class can be purchased as a single class or bundled with a history class at 2:30pm as part of a Buy One, Get One promotion offered to new Spanish/History students within the first two weeks of January.  Discounts are taken off at checkout for the BOGO promotion with the discount code FREEHISTORY.

This class requires a workbook which must be purchased at your earliest convenience but within the first two weeks of class.  The information below only offers the specific book requirements.  You may purchase your book through any seller, new or used, that you see fit.  Spanish classes are paid for monthly (40 classes from January through May).  The price represents a per month cost.  Payment is due by the first Tuesday or Thursday of the month that the class begins on.  Muchas Gracias!

Viva el Espanol, System A, 3rd Edition

ISBN-13:  978-0076029525

ISBN-10:  0076029522