Stuart - A.M. Half Day - Woodworking/PG/Circuitry - 9am-12:30pm

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Please send a snack, water and lunch with your child! 

Morning classes finish AFTER lunch! 

WOODWORKING- Basic woodworking skills are not only practical, they are fun!  Practicing these skills provide the person with applicable abilities in everyday life.  Your child will discover how adding numbers and understanding fractions are a necessary skill in life as well.  Parents may be invited to join this class at times for extra helping hands. This class will include building woodworking projects with basic tools, as well as, finer woodworking skills such as wood burning and whittling wood!  

PLAYGROUND GAMES - Students will love this fun movement class.  They will play classic games like 4-Square, Hopscotch, Jump Rope, Double Dutch, Chinese Jump Rope, SPUD, Chicken Noodle Tag, Capture the Flag and so many more timeless favorites! 

CIRCUITRY- This class introduces students to the basics of circuitry.  Students will be able to identify the parts that make a circuit as well as their function in the circuit.  They will create circuits using various components then predict the outcomes of changing components or recircuiting electrical paths.  A definite must-do class for your future engineer!