Stuart - A.M. Half Day - Logic/PE/Microscope- 9am-12:30pm

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Please send a snack, water and lunch with your child! 

Morning classes finish AFTER lunch! 

LOGIC AND LEARNING GAMES - During Logic and Learning Games class, children will be able to choose from a variety of age-appropriate logic and strategy games to develop critical thinking skills, improve math, reading and language skills, and provide children with opportunities to plan, adapt, master and compete against others while practicing good sportsmanship.  

PHYSICAL EDUCATION (PE) - Students will use a variety of equipment to promote physical wellness and psychomotor skills.  There will be an emphasis on group collaboration.  Students will learn to function as a team through group games and challenges.

MICROSCOPE INVESTIGATIONS - This class introduces students to the exciting world of compound and stereo microscopes.  Students will be able to sharpen their observations skills, explore magnification, identify the parts and functions of a microscope and of course, investigate what objects look like magnified.  Students will have opportunities to 'guess the object' in the microscope, as well as, find things of their own to view under the microscope.  This class is appropriate for all ages of budding scientists.