Stuart Location- FULL DAY WEDNESDAY 9:00am-3:20pm

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Please send lunch, a snack, and water with your child! 

DRAWING & WATERCOLOR - In this class, your child will learn the principles of drawing such as proportion, ratio, balance, weight, movement and composition.  We will also practice techniques such as blending, shading, stippling, hatching, cross-hatching and contour drawing.  Students will utilize and learn the difference between an HB and a 4B pencil.  We will also experiment with chalk, charcoal, oil and chalk pastels, blending stomps, kneaded erasers and techniques in watercolor.

SPORTS - Students will be up and moving while learning the techniques of various sports.  Among many others, they will have opportunities to practice their dribbling and shooting skills, their set and spike finesse, their wiffleball and kickball might and mini-golf talents as well.

PHYSICAL SCIENCE - In this 6-week class, students will explore hearing and sound, experiment with reflection and refraction of light, use mirrors to repeat patterns and practice using lenses and optical instruments. 

HANDICRAFTS- Handicrafts are any projects made with the hands and/or simple tools.  In this class, children use a variety of materials and supplies in many ways to create their own unique creations.  Examples include sewing, duct tape creations, calligraphy, chalk drawing, wool felting, rubber stamping, weaving, bead work, decoupage, woodwork, jewelry, handknitting, home décor and seasonal artistry.    

PLAYGROUND GAMES - Students will love this fun movement class.  They will play classic games like 4-Square, Hopscotch, Jump Rope, Double Dutch, Chinese Jump Rope, SPUD, Chicken Noodle Tag, Capture the Flag and so many more timeless favorites!   

ANIMAL STUDIES - Each week we will study a different animal or type of animal which will include their habitats, anatomy, survival techniques and/or their classifications. Students will be engaged in hands-on activities related to the animals that we are learning about.