Practicing Math Skills Through Woodworking

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General Overview - Woodworking

Basic woodworking skills are not only practical, they are fun!  Practicing these skills provide the person with applicable abilities in everyday life.  Your child will discover how adding numbers and understanding fractions are a necessary skill in life as well.  Parents may be invited to join this class at times for extra helping hands. This class will include building woodworking projects with basic tools, as well as, finer woodworking skills such as wood burning and whittling wood!  

10/15 - Woodworking - Furniture Fun

Students will learn the names and uses of various tools such as the hammer, clamp, speed square, and a variety of handsaws.  After a review of standard measurement units and measurement tools, they will plan and create small furniture pieces for their favorite toy or animal (toys/animals should be smaller than 12 inches please).  Students will take home their furniture piece such as a desk, house, bench, chair or bed.

10/22 - Woodworking - Name Plates

Students will learn the basics of drills and drill usage including using a power drill versus a hand drill.  Fractions will be discussed and compared relative to drill bit sizing. Students will plan then use varying drill bit sizes to drill their name into wood.  Parents are invited to assist their woodworkers.

10/29 - Woodworking - String Web

Students will review and practice effective hammer skills while making a designed spider web.  They will use measurement and creativity to plan out their design then hammer the nails and string the web.  This class offers opportunities for simple or complex web patterns and designs to accommodate the varying skills of learners.