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Where homeschoolers meet to Play, Socialize, and Learn


Tuesday and Thursday

What is it?

This is a two day a week, in-person, school-year long program specifically for homeschool students.

When is it?

Tuesday and Thursday 9:30am-3:30pm                                         (Register for one or both days)

1/2 Days: 9:30-12:40 or 12:40-3:30

August 11th through May 27th and generally follows the Martin County School Calendar for holidays and start/end dates. See Student Handbook for Holidays and other important dates.

Who can attend?

5-11 year-olds - Students must at least be 5 years old and no older than 11 by August 10th, 2020. 

How much does it cost? 

There are a variety of options.

     2 full days a week: $210/month

     1 full day:$105/month

     1/2 day: $80/month

20% Sibling Discount

See the Tuition/Fees Tab, Registration Forms or Handbook links below for more details. 

What kind of classes are taught?

We teach extra-curricular classes, also known as electives, throughout the day.  We also offer an optional math and language arts program, in a small group setting, twice a day that we refer to as Self-Paced Learning (SPL), see below. 

Current classes (subject to change every 9 weeks):


          AM: Nature Studies, Story STEAM and P.E.,

          PM: Animal Art , Geography and Indoor/Outdoor Games


          AM: All About Birds, Lego Engineering, and P.E., 

          PM: Music, Geology and Outdoor/Indoor Games

Self-Paced Learning


My Village offers a hybrid approach to learning in both extra curricular classes and core classes like math and language arts.  Our extra curricular classes have multi-aged groups to encourage leadership and develop higher level thinking.  Our core classes (math & language arts) are taught through an online platform, in a small group setting, facilitated by a certified teacher.  This allows each student to work through content at their own level.  We refer to this as Self-Paced Learning (SPL).

This optional program is available only to students that attend both Tuesday and Thursday.  It occurs during the regular school day.  Parents can choose which 2 extra curricular classes, per day, their child will miss in order to take advantage of this program. There is one certified teacher per 3-5 children.  She monitors and tutors students in areas of need, discusses goals for learning and challenges their thinking beyond the online platform.  There is an additional $85 per month fee for this service.

The online curriculum includes dozens of classes to choose from besides the math and language arts classes that My Village monitors for your child.  Each student can register for up to 4 additional classes at no charge, however, we do not monitor them.  An online class is provided to parents on how to utilize the platform, then they are registered as monitors on the account to see their child's progress in all subject areas they are registered for.

To sign-up for SPL, simply check the appropriate box on the Registration Form. We will then send you an email with instructions.

referral incentive program

$25 off tuition!

When you refer a friend to My Village who signs up for online or in-person classes, you will receive $25 off your next month's tuition. Applies only to new student referrals. Thank you for your support! 



We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the church for providing such a wonderful space for us to have classes. For more information about the church go to their website at www.adventpalmcity.org.